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Broken Trident and One Cent Cuff Bracelet

Brass Cuff. 2″ Wide. – BB1008
$55.00 USD


Stamped Disc and One Cent Bracelet

Genuine out of circulation Barbados One Cent; Stainless Steel; Linen Cord. Adjustable 7″-8″ – CB1069
$30.00 USD


Anthem Pledge Map One Cent Bracelet

“These Fields and Hills Beyond Recall. Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel. Adjustable 7″-8″ – AB1000
$55.00 USD


Stupse Necklace

Light weight aluminum. Adjustable – AN1042
$85.00 USD


Spiral Choker

Light weight hammered aluminum. Adjustable. – AN1041
$67.50 USD


I Love Africa Engraved and Tassel Necklace

Light weight wood and aluminum. Engraved “Mother Country”. Adjustable – AN1040
$85.00 USD


Barbados Map with One Cent Tassel Necklace

Light weight aluminum. Adjustable – AN1039
$75.00 USD


Shak Shak Pod Tassel Necklace with Map Charm

Treated Flamboyant (Shak Shak) tree pod; aluminum. Adjustable length. – WN1007
$75.00 USD


Broken Trident Extra-Long Earrings

Light Weight Aluminum. Aprox. 5″ long – AE1051
$45.00 USD


Barbados Map Earrings Aluminum Large

Brushed Aluminium. Aprox 2″ long – AE1041
$40.00 USD